The Lloyds approved MOB Rescue & Recovery System

How it Works

  • Weight of only 3kg allows for easy throw, and soft surfaces alleviate injury risk
  • Delivers a wide open loop for easy entry in rough seas- even an inflated lifejacket does not impede
  • Hand grasp diameter buoyancy frame is easily flipped overhead for entry
  • The casualty is captured by two slings: a detachable chest sling and the leg sling formed by the float frame
  • By a natural reaction, the casualty’s arms rise up and drape out over the frame
  • The rescuer can now snatch the tension-activated chest sling from its tangle elimniating mountings and capture the casualty
  • The casualty is now captured and supported by two slings, one around the shoulders and chest, and the other under the knees
  • Double sling recovery ensures a safe “low deckchair” posture for the hoist aboard to minimise the risk of Circum Rescue Collapse.
  • Capture position assists and encourages a horizontal walk aboard while being hoisted.
  • An additional handle on the frame assists the haul on to deck
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